SINCE 1995

Our Mission


To improve industry hydration by providing 

the products, information and expertise that 

will ensure a safer and healthier workplace.




Founded in 1995, KODA is an Australian company with a deep culture in performance-based nutrition products. Hydration is an area that we excel in, which is a direct reflection of the applied research we have done testing sweat loss, electrolyte composition of sweat, thermoregulation and heat acclimation on athletes and industry workers. All this testing has culminated in a product that we feel confident will provide workers with a hydration strategy that fits our mission statement perfectly.


Implementing a suitable and more effective hydration and rehydration strategy at workplaces to minimise the negative effects of dehydration on workers’ safety and productivity, when exposed to occupational heat stress is our goal. We have the people and the products that can provide a safer and healthier workplace.


KODA’s humble beginnings began in the mid-nineties when our founder, Darryl Griffiths at that time a career fire fighter, recognised that some fire fighters tolerated working in hot conditions better than others. What he was observing on the fire ground triggered his interest to learn why there was such a discrepancy in how individual fire fighters performed and ultimately felt at the end of each shift.


These fire fighters were experiencing the same hot environments, the workload (intensity) was similar, the duration of work time was similar, they were all wearing the same personal protective equipment and their hydration strategy was the same.

Then why were some fire fighters ending up in hospital on saline drips and other fire fighters, while fatigued, appeared to be just fine?


This question set in motion a series of tests and applied research over 7 years on fire fighters that ultimately culminated in an answer to the question and a product formulation based on the applied research conducted.


Those fire fighters that tolerated working in hot environments better than others had a lower sweat rate, meaning the volume of sweat they lost on the fire-ground was less than those fire fighters that tended to struggle in the heat. The applied research also discovered that the same fire firefighters who tolerated working in hot environments better had a lower sodium concentration in their sweat. In fact, the sodium concentration of sweat ranged significantly between the fire fighters that were tested.

The end result from the findings was to increase the amount of sodium in the drinks that the fire fighters were being supplied. By increasing the amount of sodium and addressing losses more appropriately, fire fighters were better prepared when working in hot conditions.


Hydration is our specialty and our passion.