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Hydration is replacing what is lost in sweat.

We know how to address the issues that workers face from dehydration and the associated heat illnesses that come with working in hot environments. We've researched, developed, formulated and packaged a hydration solution to keep your workers safe. 

KODA Electrolyte Tablets are formulated to replace what is lost in sweat. It's not marketing hype, it's just fair dinkum Aussie ingenuity. We've rolled up our sleeves and learnt what's important to a hydration strategy and what's not.

KODA Hydration - Getting things done safely and on time. 



Our applied research started back in the mid nineties, with the sole purpose of providing a healthier and safer hydration strategy. This has lead to over 1500 tests gathering information on volume of sweat and the electrolyte composition of sweat to determine the critical components necessary to providing a healthy and safe hydration strategy.



With 25 years of applied research we can cut through the marketing hype and provide products, expertise and information on what is important to your workers when addressing their hydration needs.


When combatting dehydration, the focus is ensuring the worker is consuming enough fluid to minimise blood volume and electrolyte loss. Working in hot environments, wearing personal protective equipment increases heat load, which requires sweating to assist the worker in maintaining a safe core temperature.



Sodium is the most abundant electrolyte lost in sweat. Drinking too much plain water can dilute the sodium concentration of your blood and add to sodium losses.


We've studied sweat - the physiology of sweat, volume of sweat, electrolyte composition of sweat and how the body handles heat while working in hot environments. Sounds glamorous right!

We've studied the digestive system, specifically the limitations of the stomach and how this affects the body's fluid balance when working in hot environments.

We know that sodium is the most important electrolyte for every worker to focus on when experiencing sweat loss.

How? We have analysed the electrolyte composition of sweat of over 1500 athletes and industry workers.



The concentration of electrolytes sodium, potassium and magnesium in sweat of 16 subjects. They cycled at 80% max / HR for one hour in 22 degrees and 45% humidity. The results of this test show the disparity between electrolytes lost in sweat. The concentration of electrolytes lost in sweat is measured in milligrams per one-litre of sweat. In this test the electrolyte composition per one-litre of sweat averaged out at - sodium 1061 mg. - potassium 195 mg - magnesium 3 mg.

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Founded in 1995, KODA is an Australian company with a deep culture in performance-based nutrition products. Hydration is an area that we excel in, which is a direct reflection of the applied research we have performed testing sweat loss, electrolyte composition of sweat, thermoregulation and heat acclimation on athletes and industry workers.