Have you thought that the hydration strategy and products you are using may not be addressing your workers’ needs as well as they could be?

Since 1995, the team at KODA have researched sweat loss and hydration especially those working in hot and humid conditions wearing heavy protective clothing. We know that hydration is vitally important for you and your workers to be safe and also to avoid any unplanned days off / downtime due to dehydration related ailments.

Through our research, testing the sweat rate and sodium concentration of thousands of individuals including QLD Rail workers and WA firefighters, we know that each individual has a unique composition of their sweat (electrolyte balance) as well as a unique sweat rate (the rate at which they lose sweat in L/h).

To hydrate correctly we need to focus on what we lose in sweat.

Sodium (salt) is the most abundant electrolyte in our sweat so replacing sodium is incredibly important. We have designed our electrolyte tablets to reflect what we are seeing lost in sweat so that workers can adequately manage sodium loss by replacing what they need. KODA Electrolyte Tablets contain more sodium than other brands and can be easily tailored to each worker’s specific needs.

KODA Electrolyte Tablets are sugar free and are focused purely on addressing hydration. We do not need sugar in our drinks especially highly processed crystallised sugar that many other brands add in.

Our hydration solution will be a more effective strategy for you and your employees.